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As COILTECH, our first priority in the after-sales services department is 100% customer satisfaction. In this direction, we perform all of the commissioning of the machine, training, breakdown-maintenance spare parts and revision operations.The commissioning of the machine, training, periodical maintenance, breakdown and spare parts services are all carried out with great care by our expert and competent personnel. Your requests are met in a short time.



Revised operations have two main purposes.


1-Retrofitting - To acquire the features of the machine on the first day of purchase.


It provides complete maintenance service for the machines that become obsolete over time and lose their precision.In this maintenance, all equipment that can create a gap in the machine over time, all of the production parts and all the ready materials are checked.By intervening and making the necessary changes, your machine will operate as smoothly as the first day.

  • Feeder rolls changing
  • Feeder bearings changingi.
  • Slight changing
  • Cylinder changing
  • Valve changing
  • Regulator changing
  • Swing rolls changing
  • Cover parts changing
  • Pinion gear changing


2-Modified - To increase the machine features to the level of today's technology products.


When our customers experience a problem in machines with a low model year (more than 10 years), especially in electronic products, the procurement of the materials required to solve the problem is very costly and long-term.In order to prevent such situations, an offer is prepared in order to make the electronic system suitable for today's technology with the current technology products in the machines that come to our factory for rectification process.



Your opinions, suggestions and requests  are important for us, to convey your requests mail to us.



Please see our technical service policy to get more detailed information about our installation and technical service network in all countries, domestic and abroad.



If you want to be a member of the COILTECH family and want to sign more successful business with us, you can send your CV and request for an interview.

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