2000  2000  2000  2000


Was founded as a sub-industry corporation which works with lathe and milling machine in a 100m2 factory at the year of 2000. In a short time, working with high workmanship quality and on time delivery principles, gather it’s speed and have become a supplier of sector’s leader and rooted companies in local market.

 2004  2004  2004  2004

When it comes to the year 2004, decided to turn towards to machine manufacturing industry and with this direction coil sheet slitting lines manufacturing process have begun. Until starting of 2006, produced coil sheet slitting lines for close companies. In this time increased production area to 200m2.

 2006  2006  2006  2006

In 2006, Coiltech turned the demands into an oppurtunity about press feeding systems, with the right jobs and later on increasing demands, has decided to turn its direction completely to this industry. With building organizational structure and staff on a young and dynamic team, started to move forward with quick steps in a short time period.

 2007  2007  2007  2007

When it comes to the 2007, it achieved a fast spreading and becomes well known in Turkish market about manufacturing of press feeding systems. Inside the same year moved to a new production facility with 400m2 area.

 2008  2008  2008  2008

In 2008, majorly completed its product portfolio in all categories about press feeding systems and started to work on create institutional structuring about export.

 2009  2009  2009  2009

In 2009, continued works at a 1300m2 (included 900m2 area) closed area with incorporating second production facility. Started to become a solution partner of Turkey's biggest companies about own industry and increased the export. During this process, transfers all the fund to facility development and own a strong machine park in all branches of production.

 2012  2012  2012  2012

In 2012, moved to new production facility with 3600m2, majorly configure foreign distributor network and increased export rate close to %30 level. By moving to new production facility, made a great investment to existing machine park and became of one of the most extensive production facilities at that industry.

 2014  2014  2014  2014

When it comes to year 2014, completely configured the product portfolio about the press feeding systems from coils and became to the referance point position of the industry. In accordance with customer demands, started to develop destacker systems and added to its product portfolio.

 2015  2015  2015  2015

In 2015, moved to the facility with 8500m2 closed area where it is still active and got the caption of the company with the largest production area in it's sector. Today by speeding up its investments on production facility, it becomes a company who gains appreciation of customer's from all around the world.

 2016  2016  2016  2016

In 2016, by adding inside press and press-to-press transfer systems to product portfolio, it becomes to live the proud of being the only company that manufactures feeding lines from coil sheets and sheet plates under one roof.

 2022  2022  2022  2022

Today, Coiltech Brand continues to move forward, at approximately 70 countries, with thousands of working machines, and became one of the world’s outstanding companies about press feeding systems. With confident steps it moves forward by it’s young and dynamic team and customer-driven working mentality.