Mechanical Hydraulic  Double Drum Pallet Type  Mechanical Hydraulic  Double Drum Pallet Type Mechanical Hydraulic  Double Drum  Pallet Type  Decoilers

Mechanical Decoiler

Drum expansion is being made manually by rotating a lever on mechanical decoilers.

Hydraulic Decoiler

Drum expansion is being made semi-automatically by a hydraulic system on hydraulic decoilers.

Double Drum Decoiler

There are both mechanical and hydraulic options for double drum decoilers. The most effective solution with low set-up time for applications working at high speed.

Pallet Type Decoiler

Designed for decoiling of narrow and horizontally stacked coils without a second operation requirement. Coils stacked horizontally and on top of each other being decoiled with single operation from the one at top to the one at bottom in order. Pallet type decoilers can be applied with straightener option.