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Standard type cut to length lines are the most effective cut to length lines for companies working with low volume. They are the most common model inside the cut to length lines. Different type of stacking systems can be applied according to the coil type and line speed.

Standard Cut to Length Line General Specifications

- Coil width capacity up to 2000mm

- Coil thickness capacity up to 12mm

- Straightening group with or without support rolls

- high performance feeder and guillotine shear

- Automatic Rolls Cleaning System

- Scrap cutting and weighing station

Automatic Rolls Cleaning System

This feature allows the operator to clean the straightening and feeding rolls using only the control panel. During the coil change, the roll group is cleaned in a very short time and it is quickly ready for the next coil.


Cut to Length Line Stacking System

The stacking system which is designed according to the maximum plate length, comes with one or two stacking carts depending on customers requests and needs. When the number of plates in one station is completed, the other station automatically moves towards the stacking system and goes to the ready position for stacking.

Guillotine Shear

The shears which selected according to the sheet thickness driven by hydraulic cylinders or servo motors. They can reach cutting time up to 400ms. Blade gap adjustment is being made by servo motorized system. This allow cutting without burr and provides long life time for blade.